Aman Mehndiratta

Aman mehndiratta is the person who believes in entrepreneurship, he is working as an investor he invests to startups in hope of some profits and growth of the business. He believes in gaining freedom from the employment and taking risk. Rather than working under a company, He is branching out into becoming entrepreneurs and becoming their own boss.

As per Aman Mehndiratta every people should be an Entrepreneur whether the following advantages for the entrepreneurs.
It gives a great amount of freedom

Everyone knows that is someone working for a company he needs to meet all their requirements and only have little freedom as an employee. On the other hand if he starts his own business he will be able to make his own demands as per his business requirements he can make his own schedule. He dictates everything he does, giving him a level of freedom that he will never see when he is employed.

• It can be Exciting

Entrepreneurship can be very exciting for a person, with the entrepreneurs considering his ventures highly enjoyable. His Every day will be filled with new opportunities to challenge his determination, skills and abilities.

• It allows you to set his earnings.

Of course, he will be the one setting his own wage and making investments when heowns the business. The work that he does would be for something his own, which can be a huge advantage compared to when he is working as an employee for a certain company.

• New jobs he is generating in the society

If someone having his own business as an entrepreneur he will generate the new jobs in the society and will make employments for unemployed people.
As per aman mehndiratta “Entrepreneurship should be the thought of the country which makes much people employed and grow the nation.”